Everyone, without any discrimination of gender, is facing the cascade of skin and hair care issues. So to fix all these problems with a single wonder formula, we are left with an excellent option, and that is “castor oil.” It is recognized with the time that it has myriad of advantages regarding the beauty and cosmetic genre. It is considered as the wonder oil which can fix the both hair and skin care issues alone without any touch of conventionality. It is all way pure and can effect far better than the typical cosmetic range. It is highly recommended by the specialists, as it has the potential to treat both genres naturally.

                    Talking about its composition, it is formed by the castor beans by pressing them to the point where they can produce a liquid that is then termed as the castor oil. Chemically it contains the essential fatty acids i.e. ricinoleic acid (85-95%), oleic acid (2-6%), linoleic acid (1-5%). All these essential fatty acids make this all-in-one oil a magic therapy for all skin and hair related issues. Apart from its hair and skin caring nature, one of its advantages speaks for the extraordinary healing power with which it helps to repair the worn out skin and scalp cells and follicles that in turn leads to the better growth of hair and a flawless looking skin.

                  It is raw and unprocessed which speaks for its purity, and furthermore, its composition helps to solve the beauty related issues. The ricinoleic acid carries anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which fight back with the infections of skin and scalp majorly dandruff. It also treats acne and other skin related issues. Coming towards the hair care pursuits, castor oil treats the hair loss which is a principal problem in this genre, faced by almost every person. It not only treats the hair loss but also enhances the re-growth of hair from the scalp. It will give the voluminous hair that will enhance your personality. Other problems like tangled hair, split ends, dead ends and frizz in the hair can also be fixed by the application of castor oil on the scalp.

                  It is also famous for its skin care technicalities. The skin related problems like acne, pimples, and eczema can be treated with the application of castor oil. It helps to make skin look healthy by opening the clogged pores and flushes out the dirt trapped inside causing the acne and pimples. It contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids that not only treats skin related problems but also help to replenish the nutritional count of the skin. It provides it with enough oil and vitamins, so it can look young, supple, fresh and fights the signs of aging by maintaining the proper health and environment of skin cells. It moisturizes our skin and also helps to eliminate the scars or aging signs like pigmentation, dark spots and freckles. An overnight usage of castor oil on the skin will give you a shinier, younger and radiant skin that will attract the gazes and bundles of compliments by the people.


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