When it is about healthcare, the first point that should be pondered upon is the healthy gut that describes the healthy you. Mentioning the health of gut and not referring about probiotics and prebiotics would be a reservation. Your microbiome i.e. the healthy gut environment with the residing good biota is necessary to maintain the health of a person. The prebiotics and probiotics maintain an equilibrium to set an overall good health of the individual.

Starting with the probiotics (bifidobacterium and lactobacillus), they help to digest the food and supports the immune system so that it may protect and goes well with its functionality. Not just limited to the functioning of gut and its related physiological processes, the probiotics also leaves an impact on the production of hormones that intervene with the moods and thoughts. They help regulation of hormones like insulin, leptin and other chemicals i.e. neurotransmitters and serotonin. Acting as a food for probiotics, in contrast, there exist the prebiotics. Originating from the plant based food sources i.e. oligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharide and inulin, the prebiotics are fiber nature. Together these pre and probiotics maintains the normal functioning of the human gut.

Being in a synergistic relation, the prebiotics and probiotics are important for avoiding the problems that may induce harmful effects on the digestive tract in human body. Apart from the commercial and conventional sources, there exist the natural sources which can provide the beneficial probiotic bacteria. Making the all way pure and natural list of foods carrying these gut friendly bacteria, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, tempeh and pickled vegetables give a good boost to the probiotics in gut. All in all, the sour and fermented foods carry a good amount of probiotics that provide a natural source without any tint of conventionality.

Talking about the fuel for probiotics i.e. prebiotics, apart from just being the food for probiotics, they also have beneficial aspects that may improve the health and functioning of human gut. The prebiotics facilitates the mineral absorption and maintains the bone health, strengthen the immune system, carries the anti-inflammatory properties and fight back the cancer. They also regulate the blood sugar levels and helps in weight loss. Foods enriched with prebiotics are jicama, Acacia gum, garlic, onion, leeks, leafy greens, legumes and banana.

Together these prebiotics and probiotics along with their beneficial aspects combat the gut related diseases and maintains a steady state of normal physiological functioning i.e. health. Along with the natural sources, there exist the conventional matter i.e. the supplements that can provide you with probiotics when your gut is running out of the gut friendly bacteria. Mostly after prolonged use of antibiotics, the biota of gut is disturbed that can only be fixed with supplements carrying these beneficial agents. When selecting the appropriate supplement, one should always consider the colony forming unit. A colony forming unit in billions is best fit supplement to facilitate the natural fauna of gut to work properly.

Hence, probiotics and prebiotics together keeps you in good health and helps you to enjoy the healthy lifestyle.


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