Girls are found much concerned about their skin care, and for this, they move from Earth to Sky and back to restore their natural facial beauty. For this they also try skin care products available which simultaneously hydrate their skin…locks adequate moisture…removes tan and blemishes….makes the skin tone even….and most importantly enhance their fairness. They always want their skin to look fresh and supple which provides them with a refreshing and attractive look. Here are 5 instant skin tricks that act as the beauty hacks that are all way natural and work without compromising on the health of skin.


OOUUCCHH! I got a pimple! Most common expostulation by the girls starting from their teenage and continuing till late 30’s. Acne/pimples are considered to be the worst enemy of women because it is a threat to their beauty. The looks conscious ladies invest huge amount of money in skin care treatment in order to get rid from acne/pimple that are domineering their looks. Disturbance in the secretions of sebaceous glands due to bacterial attack can cause itching and later on results in the unveiling of red spots which at last are converted into hard blisters that instigate a rough and dull skin. Here comes a solution for your stubborn acne. Tea tree oil is a perfect remedy for acne spots. Tea tree oil can be directly applied on the face with the help of cotton swab one or twice a day and get rid from these demons on the face.


Finally, here is an all-time solution for your acne and acne marks. Cosrx acne patch are designed to be used for whiteheads, black heads and picked zits. Just apply the patches when you are going to bed at night and let them stay for overnight. Wait for the mesmerizing result still morning. All the marks, pimples and acne will get vanish.        


You need to rush to any event and stressed out due to the acne pop on your face. Then here is the Aesop pimple cream. Just apply it on the acne pop and use your makeup on it. It will act as a base or concealer for covering the acne rash. Use this cream and get the immediate results.  


Want to remove tan from your face? Then you must try this mask that can be prepared by the ingredients present on the kitchen shelf. Take 1 tbsp of honey, lemon juice, gram flour. Mix them with 1 tbsp of tomato juice and yogurt. You are ready with a powerful tan removal mask. Apply it once in a day and you will surely see the fabulous results after frequent applications.


A non-oily daily moisturizing gel that can treat the dry skin and provide the instant relief by replenishing the skin with moisture and nutrients. It also protects the skin from the intense sun rays and moreover the UVA and UVB rays and act as an active sunscreen without any touch of conventionality. It carries the bulk of anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants which help to protect the skin against the sunburns and intense exposure to the sun. Furthermore, the skin problems like acne, pimples, and eczema and rashes can also be treated with the application of aloe vera gel in the form of face packs.


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