A hot leading issue among women nowadays is whether to use a shampoo or hair product from the supermarket or to rely on the hair care products exclusively meant for the salons. It is a constant battle among the two ranges of same hair care products. Which should be opted is a big question. As a matter of fact, we are sure about one thing that the products used in salons are somewhat different as compared to the conventional shampoos and hair care products in the supermarket.

            Most of the people buy these products from the supermarket just because of the fact that the hair care products and shampoos over there are present in the affordable range and even with promotional sale prices. But one can vividly describe the difference in hair when shampooed at home and even treated with salon shampoos. The bounce, shine, sleekness, radiance, and oomph that comes after getting a complete salon treatment is not deal that can be kept up at home. Some of the apparent reasons for this difference are enlisted as follows:

1.    The shampoos present in the supermarket lather quite easily due to the presence of harmful chemicals and surfactants. Whereas the shampoos used in salons often lather less and have a gentle and less concentrated effect which leaves your hair smooth, sleek and shinier than ever.

2.    The conditioning agents available in the supermarket are loaded with conventionality and harmful chemicals that further damages hair and leave them in a dead lock situation.

3.    To break this hair stress, the salon conditioning therapies and session are opted to refill the hair with supple moisture and ample nutrients to bring them back to life.

4.    Pursuing with low prices in the market, the hair care products and shampoos are bottles of synthetic build ups and makes your hair dry, frizzy and lead to scalp issues like dandruff.

5.    The conventional bottles of shampoo in the supermarkets are mere pomp and show earning on the names of brands and causing havoc to hair care regime. They deprive off hair from natural moisture and texture, and the user faces problems like dead and split ends.

6.    It’s all about concentration… the shampoos and hair care products in the market are less in the concentration of refined and natural products that elevates the standards of health of hair.

7.    Your hair needs nourishment, and the shampoos claiming for containing natural oils for this purpose are just fulfilling the advertisement pursuits, and they are adorned with inorganic chemicals that not only scarce in natural hair nutrients but also kick off the locked nutrients in hair.

After dealing with all this adulteration…you surely need some expert advice…according to the expert endorsement by Belingo hairdresser…it is worth it use the salon products to make sure that your hair are getting adequate nutrients and essential care which they deserve to make them safe against the conventionality present in the supermarkets.


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