There are a number of oils and natural ingredients that can be used as a cosmetic agent, but above all, there is one ingredient which is all time favorite among women. It is none other than the sweet almond oil. It is a form of oil that is extracted from pressing the almonds. The oil obtained from this process is all way pure and unrefined or unprocessed that which makes it chemical free. The non-conventional and synthetic free almond oil has myriad of benefits which will not only maintains the healthy standards of health but also replenish the nutrient demand of skin and scalp.

                It composition carries an extensive list of beneficial and essential components like vitamin E, mono-saturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc that is further accompanied with other valuable and precious elements and components. All these components make a chemical free and non-conventional substituent list which is an expensive item for the skin and hair care pursuits. The sweet almond oil can be exclusively obtained from the edible almonds and is popularly used in skin and hair care products.

               Sweet almond oil is mild, hypoallergenic oil that can be safely used even on the skin of infants. The oil if used as the massager can help to promote the blood flow towards skin cells which will contribute to flush out the toxic agents and promote the healthy culture of skin cells which can make the skin look younger and radiant. It helps to extrude the dirt particles and other causative agents from the pore to secure the skin from acne and pimples. The active skin care nature and characteristics come from the bulk of vitamin E that is entrapped within the constituents. It is naturally endowed with potent anti-oxidants which will reduce the skin problems like acne, pimples, and rashes. Furthermore, it also protects the skin against pollution and intense UV radiations and keeps it hydrated supple and plump. It also fights the signs of aging and eliminates the spots and dark circles.

                  Not only for skin, but rather sweet almond oil is also a helping hand for the better growth of hair. The oil when is applied on the scalp can enhance the blood flow towards the scalp which can further promote the hair growth from the follicles by making them flourished with the essential nutrients required for the proper growth of hair. It solves the problems like split ends, dead ends and frizz in the hair by repairing the tips and roots of the hair. It also promotes the process of hair re-growth. It not only makes the hair healthy but also makes them look more soft, shiny, glossy and sleek. Hair loss can also be controlled by the application and massage of sweet almond oil so it can replenish the nutritional demands of hair follicles. Hence this oil can be used for both the hair and skin care pursuits without any touch of conventional cosmetic range.



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