Are you a frequent flyer? I times of the month when you have to attend international meetings and domestic conferences, you have quite a busy life, and you have to fly for a long time without even getting rest. In this reference, you have been facing some health issues. These issues are due to deficiency of vitamins in the body. Like other macromolecules in the human body, vitamins are also one of the essential nutrients that are constantly required for the overall physiological wellbeing of the human body. Any deficiency of vitamins in the body would impose certain imbalances in the body. If you are a frequent flyer and you have to follow the lined up schedule for flights, then you will face certain deficiencies of vitamins unknowingly.

          It is observed by various researches and survey made on the crew members and frequent flyers that they usually lack three of the major vitamins, i.e., vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B12 and one of the important mineral, i.e., magnesium. Starting with the vitamin D, it is the curious molecule with is required for almost every working system in the body. The optimum amount of vitamin D in the body id needed for healthy bones, healthy thyroid functioning, and healthy endocrine system. It is not obtained from the diet rather is produced in the body from the cholesterol precursors. Exposed to the sunlight, i.e., UVA and UVB radiations, human body synthesize its own vitamin D after being processed in kidney and liver. Due to constant flying, one doesn’t get enough time to reach out for the sunlight. This would lead to the deficiency of vitamin D in the body.

         Next on the list is another significant vitamin, i.e., vitamin C. One of the important issue faced by the passengers and crew members is the disturbance in the sleep pattern, exhaustion, fatigue, and jet lag. The reason behind all these issues is the lack of vitamin C. it is responsible for almost every important physiological aspect of the body. All the crew members and passengers usually stock the vitamin C booster tablets or other supplements to avoid these health issue during the flight. Last but not the least is the vitamin B12. Vitamin B 12 is also termed as cobalamine that watch for the circadian rhythm in the body that governs the sleep-wake cycle in the human body. Lack of light on board during the flight may make you feel sluggish and sleepy and enhance the melatonin production that will decrease the effectiveness of vitamin B12. Melatonin works in accordance with vitamin B12 to respond to the sleep-wake cycle of the human body. Hence, vitamin B12 is required for the alertness of the body after the rest phase, and any disturbance in it would lead to extreme sluggishness. Magnesium works in association with vitamin C and collaborates to equilibrate the normal physiological conditions in the human body.

          So to all crew members and frequent flyers, it is suggested to get ample supplements of the important vitamins to avoid any health issue during the flight. Multivitamins should be the must-haves in your luggage for a safe and sound journey.


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