We often listen to a fact that doesn’t judge the book by its cover, but contrary to this, it the cover of the book that builds the interest of the viewer and compels them to read the material in the book. Similarly, it is all about the way you carry yourself which will reflect the way how you treat yourself or you want others to treat you. It is all about the dressing which can build up a strong personality with ultimate individuality that could not be suppressed. As a human being, a particular psychology deals with the urge of looking good. To pursue this urge, one uses all means and quenches this need

                  It is a proven fact that our appearance has a significant role in building confidence with which one can move in this society without any hesitation. It has a sound impact on the personality of the one, as it can boost up the inner strength and persona that can help an individual to face the world with ease. It is a natural feeling, if one is looking good then it will be an inevitable fact he/she will be more confident as the visual associations are stronger than the verbal communications and can make you understand what exactly the next one is thinking about you.

               Time to go for work…but wait!!! Are you ready to go for it?? Have you considered your overall look?? Is it worth it to go for office?? These entire questions are the big quest that requires sound YES before you leave for the workplace. For answering all the questions, in somehow satisfactory mode, you have to make a to-do list. Your to-do list should carry two columns, one for the dos and other for the don’ts which should be checked before going to office by both genders without any discrimination.

               There are some of the general tips that should be considered for getting ready for workplace start with appropriate dressing code. Always follow the proper dressing code that your company demands. It should be neat, clean, prim and proper. It should be properly ironed and well balanced. The cuts and lengths should be according to you fit. A candid dressing code makes a perfect corporate personality. Too fit or too loose dress can show the non-serious attitude of the individual towards the designation for which he is appointed. As far as women are concerned, your dress should be proper in fit and length. It should not be too tight or too loose as it can be a cause of distraction from work. Your dress should be according to the dress code and should lie within the circumference of morals. Women are found concerned about their looks. Avoid wearing too loud makeover as it cannot fit in the professional environment. Your hair duo should be appropriate and classy at the same time. You can go with French buns, the top knots or braided buns which are all way classy and thoroughly professional. Next on the go is the footwear, you can use heels, but I would suggest to go for the flat pumps as the fashion for such casual cannot be faded and at the same time it is comfortable.

                Accessories like handbags should be classy and royal. It should match your designation and your personality but avoid too heavy bags studded with jewels. It will not fit in the official look. After handbags, next point to ponder upon is jewelry which should be classy but yet should be simple. A chic bracelet or ear stud with the miniature pendant is more than enough for the office look. Get regular manicure and salon appointments as a fresh lady can serve more efficiently. When you look good, it will create a sense of zeal in you which further motivates you to work with perfection.

               Hence above mentioned are some tips for both the genders to look appropriate at work which will boost up their self-confidence. It further helps the individuals to work efficiently and to grow in their professional career that can open new doors of opportunities towards the better corporate career.


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