It is said that home is where the heart is. It holds great significance in terms of emotion, feelings, memories etc. It is a secure place where you have either started your new life with your spouse, stepped in with your parents or have your first baby. But sometimes life threw some challenges towards you that make it bit difficult for you to enjoy the same lifestyle. Mostly due to some financial strains and sometimes for the sake of some personal reasons, you have to leave your safe heaven and move to a new place to which you are going to make your home. Imagine! You have to leave your comfy and luxuries apartment and move to a small home where you are going to live for some time till the situation doesn’t get back to normal?

For this you need to know some of the hacks and smart advice with which you can adjust in a better way and cope up with the upcoming challenges. Downsizing is like a nightmare, if you are facing the one at present and this has made you to compromise on your lifestyle and now you have to shift to a smaller home, then you need to make a check list of some essential points to ponder while moving to a smaller place.

Let’s just make the list. Starting with the first one, you need to understand the reason along with its requirements that why are you moving to a new place. This “why” in your mind would help you to adjust somehow easily. Keep your goals in mind, it will help you to stay calm and confront the difficulties wisely. Stick to them and you will soon get used to of the new place. Make a list of some blessing in disguise i.e. the apparent benefits that come along while moving to smaller home. Here are some of them.

  • You would get a simpler life away from pomp and show.
  • Less clutter means peace of mind
  • Less cleaning time and maintenance

Get your plans and blue prints ready for this new place. You need to know about this place so that you can make plan for getting everything in place. You need to cut off on some of your furniture so that you can easily get your precious belonging in to this smaller new home. Minimalism is the best justification to support your situation. Count your must haves and move them to your new home. Cut off all that clingy stuff that you never used. You are only going to take the stuff that is non-negotiable. Those just in case items are not going to get any store room in the new place due to lack of space.

The best way to get rid of your stuff is to either ask your relative to buy or auction it to make some money that could be used for rainy days. Get your essential stuff and let the rest to go. This all will help you to adjust according to your situations and keep reminding you the goals you need to meet for downsizing. Smaller home is coming up with a lot more but you need to remember de-clutter is all that you need both in terms of stuff and habit so that you can stay happy in new space.

Keep the fact in mind, that the smaller house is just a cemented place adorned with your stuff, but it is you and your loved ones who are going to make it a home that holds your emotional connection.


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