In this global village where everything is on change in such haste, the stability in our color palettes not only shows our demand of peace but also reveals our will that is close to nature and serves with calmness, serenity, and conciliation. Every color that we wear carries significance with it. It can dramatically change the way we feel and act. The colors have a potential to control our moods, gestures, behaviors and feelings and can somehow also impact upon the others.

                          When it comes to the workplace, it is undoubtedly concerning to the colors we wear cam also somewhat influence the moods and behaviors of our colleagues at work. They not only affect the moods and behaviors but also synchronize with our confidence and working potentials. They can also relate to the extent of efficiency and success at work by enhancing the productive and fruitful performances of the employees.

                          Various colors can boost up our self-confidence and moral with which one can feel more active and produce quality work that will not only benefit in self-improvement but can also serve the enterprise. All these effects of colors operate through our skin and eyes and carry transformational properties which are calming, stimulating and beneficial at the same time. With these positive transformations and self-improvements, one can step ahead towards outstanding corporate breakthroughs that can open doors of success in corporate career.

                        Some of the standard colors that are mostly used in dressing forms a list which starts with red. What a color!!! I must say. This color empowers and draws attention towards the wearer. It is a color which represents empowerment, passion, blaze, raw energy and enthusiasm. It motivates the wearer to work compassionately which will surely bring success and due promotions at work. It helps to stay passionate about the work and will not let the spark off. Is it your day for presentation or a corporate meeting?? Or you want to place a new idea or proposal in front of your boss?? To all men, go for a red tie or a sweater and to all ladies what about a red coat with white skinny jeans and sweatshirt? Isn’t it a perfect combo to pull off? Yes, it is… Must try it and witness the power of this royal shade.

                      Next on the list is another amazing color…green. It is an unusual color which depicts calmness and peace. It is well associated with nature and gives a soothing effect which act as a source of inspiration and intelligence that can be incorporated in the official task to get the attention of your boss and to present an efficient working style. Due to its calm and soft nature, it is also used as a relaxation medium which can wipe off all the stress build in the surrounding and can fill your batteries to work more actively. Olives for men and bottle green shades for women are best to pull off in office in the form of blazers or pea coats for men and as elegant frock dresses or skirts for women.

                     Blue speaks for serenity and calmness. It is the symbol of piousness and enthusiasm which will allow you to work more optimistically and also encourages you to take calculated risks to grow your professional career. On the other hand, it also marks for creativity. This characteristic can be very effective in your professional life as your company and boss need your creative ideas with which you can earn business for your company.  So don’t forget to wear blue ladies and gentlemen when you are there for any presentation. White is another solid color that represents peace, innocence, and simplicity. It reflects light and reminds us of sunnier days. If you are feeling down or facing any professional downfall, then must try this shade. It will boost up your self-confidence and make you believe in yourself.

                    How can we forget black that is a heartthrob color… it signifies power, seriousness, authority, responsibility, and self-confidence. It captures all the qualities that a boss own. Hence, it is called as the master of the shades. Going for any corporate dinner or meeting…?? Must try this shade, it will present the best of your personality and will make you look different from others. Last but not the least a bit girly shade is pink which is used by the ladies. This shade represents relaxation and happiness, and due to its bright tone, it can reflect vibrancy and zeal. The happier and relaxed you are, more you will be able to produce quality work without any stress and can get appreciation from your boss. This appreciation will make you work more enthusiastically which can open the doors towards success and fame in the corporate world.


The colors you wear will represent the way you feel and the way you are…so wisely choice the colors for your wardrobe…     


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