Did you just say water diet? Like how is this even possible that one can shed the extra calories with a water diet. Nowadays, this new trending logo, i.e., water diet is getting popularity and giving people edge to diet with senses. For the ones who are more health conscious, it is out for you people. What you have to do is to create a chart without your adequate water intake and rock your water diet to get your desired results. Checking the scientific background of the fact that those who are overweight are seen to be dehydrated that further slows down their metabolic rate which in turn impedes the process of incineration of deposited fats or lipids in the body. These lipids are stored in the adipose tissues in dermal layer and moreover in the cells as the fat globules. Ultimately this condition leads to a state where the weight is increased up to shocking levels.

                 It is scientifically recommended that eight glasses of water throughout the day are necessary for keeping up the pace with the basal metabolic rate to regulate the process of breakdown of fats and lipids in the body. Moreover, water plays an essential role in flushing out the toxins and making your body a healthy place for the initiation of various metabolic processes that further supports life. It helps to regulate the normal functioning of the liver which in turn helps to normalize the hormonal and enzymatic functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. So, if you are looking for something that makes sense in your weight loss program then try this water diet and look watch out the positive results. Here is a six-day water diet plan that will help to boost up your confidence and gives a perfect blueprint for your water diet.


                  Day 1 is the warm-up day where you have to take at least8 glasses of cold water that will help you to lose some extra calories. You should go for fresh fruits like melons and apples as they contain a good content of malic acid that will soften the caged toxins in the liver which are impeding the route of burning calories. Intake of fruits will help you to stay away from unhealthy cravings and keeps you full the day long.


              Day 2 includes some extra intake of water as you have to kick out those softened toxins that you have softened with the help of malic acid on day 1. For your appetite, veggies are the best option. These vegetables should include the carrots that will keep you energized. Go for the raw veggies for adding more nutrition to your day.


               This day comes with some good news. You can take any vegetable or fruit according to your desire and have to take eight glasses of water. It is the day of witnessing the results. Skin id the perfect mirror for this purpose and you can feel the change as your skin will look bright and fresh. It is recommended to keep up your spirit and boost up your morale you are close to your goals.


                 The first thing you have to do is to check your weight. It would be 2-3 pounds less than that of day 1. Carry on with the intake of 8 glasses of water. You can consume milk and bananas for boosting up your energy. Restrict yourself from other veggies and fruits today.


               Today is the tomato day. Consume at least 2-3 tomatoes the day long and take up to 10 glasses of water. Feeling low? Then go for some beef to make you feel good.


               This was the day for which you were waiting for. Check your weight. It would be 10 pounds less than that of day 1. You can take your regular diet but stay conscious about the intake of foods rich in fatty acids. Say no to the cold drinks and sodas and avoid the fast food as much as possible. Remember one thing, do not regain the weight which you have lost with the effort of 6 days. Carry on with the healthy diet and feel the change in your outlook.


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