Mediterranean diet is too mainstream nowadays. The diet is derived from plant sources and is both nutritious and healthy. Everyone is approaching the Mediterranean diet plan to cut off their extra fats and to store a perfect ravishing figure for them which they long for. This diet plan is a blessing in disguise because, in too many options of burning the calories and fats, it is the only way to do so without compromising on health and nutritional supply of body. The diet may include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, beans, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Those who wish to map out their diet plan; here is what you desire. Following is the list of a weekly diet plan incorporating the Mediterranean diet items. So to all out there…planning for a diet to get in shape…then ready …get set…and jump right in…here is power pack plan for you to meet your diet goals…get going and enjoy summers in Mediterranean style.

Italian ingredients – pasta, vegetables, spices, cheese – on dark background

The week starts with energetic Monday…a refreshing new morning. Get yourself an energetic Mediterranean breakfast. Your breakfast may include fluffy pancakes, while you can plan for chickpea salad for lunch and chicken kabobs for dinner to make a daily calorie total of 1469. All the three dishes include whole grains and vegetables in the salad. What a start of the week. Next comes Tuesday. Start your day with yogurt granola parfait as breakfast and prepare vegetable pot pie for lunch and tomato and mozzarella sandwich for dinner. All it would make a total daily calorie intake of 1548 to balance the nutritional demand of the body.

Wednesdays are a bit tiring because its mid-week and you are running out of energy due to the load of work. You need a light and energetic breakfast like chive and goat cheese frittata. It will not only provide you with energy but will maintain equilibrium with the nutrients that the body requires for its normal physiological functioning. Turkey and Artichoke Sandwich will be the best option for lunch, and you can opt for Mediterranean grilled sea bass for dinner. It will revive your boring Wednesday and prepare you for hectic Thursday ahead.

              When it comes to hectic Thursdays, fluffy pancakes and fresh raspberries is perfect for breakfast. The lunch can be served with Mediterranean grilled sea bass whereas frittata and baklava can be served as dinner to give a good end to the day. Next, comes the happy Fridays which should be started with creamy and crunchy yogurt. You can take vegetarian pita sandwich with Greek cucumber yogurt sauce. Friday night…yayyyyyy!!!!… It’s party time…lets enjoy in Mediterranean style. Cook some Mediterranean sweet and sour chicken and give yourself a relish treat at the end of five hectic working days.

           Start your Saturday morning with peanut butter on the bagel and chocolate milk. It will boost up your metabolism and makes you feel energetic for the weekend blast. You can call over your mates to enjoy the weekend and serve them with your Mediterranean food. Pizza and sauce would the best option to go for. You can make pineapple smoothie as a snack to entertain them in your style and can take them to a Greek style table for dinner serving with lamb souvlaki. It would be the best way to impress your guests in Mediterranean style. Super Sundays can be started with pita with ricotta spread and raisins. It will keep you full until lunch time. You can opt for souvlaki lamb and rice for lunch and basil shrimp summer salad for dinner which will store all the desired calories required by the body and will please your taste buds too. During the week you can take the fat and low sugar drinks and avoid heavy munching to get the great results with your Mediterranean diet…

           So to all out there…here is weekly Mediterranean diet plans…enjoy your week and stay healthy in Mediterranean style…..


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