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With immense revolutions in the field of the medical spa, there exist several techniques that have a potential to change your outlook. Discussing one of those trendsetter techniques for nowadays is thread face-lift. Ladies in their late 30’s mostly confront sagging around jawline, neck, and cheeks. Facilitating them with injections or medications is not enough. They need a permanent solution to solve the matter once for all. So, here is this technique of thread face lift compatible with them in order to match their demands and expectations. One can see the results just after getting this technique done. Here mentioned are some details about this technique, the way it works and the astonishing results that would makes our jaw drop with amazement.

What is thread facelift?

          It is an anti-aging, cosmetic, less invasive surgical procedure that will give you a contoured look for your droopy facial muscles. It rejuvenates your facial muscles and acts as a bio-stimulatory process in which it enhances the production of new collagen and helps to thicken the skin that in turn will tighten it to give you a contoured look. The new collagen produced in the skin revitalize the sagging muscles and add a life to them. It will take you back to your late 20’s. The technique incorporates the use of small needles and specialized threads which makes your skin lift.

Less-invasive procedure:                                                    

      It is a less invasive procedure, as the specialized threads are introduced beneath the dermis layer of skin above the subcutaneous tissues. Hence, the dermal layer muscles are the target points for insertion of threads to get a ravishing lift.

Specialized threads:

        There are various types of threads used in this procedure depending upon the mode of facial contouring. They are termed as the free-floating cogged or barbed threads. Depending on their cogs/barbs, threads are categorized as uni and bi-directional threads. They are transparent and leave no mark after the surgery. These barbs and cogs of the thread are responsible for holding the lift and excites the muscles for producing the new collagen.


        Ready to get a youthful appearance? Then here is the process with detailed explanation. Starting with the first step, areas of concern are mapped out. The cheek, jawline and the neck are main targets. After marking the areas, specialized needles, i.e., spinal needles are used along with the floating cogged or barbed threads starting from the jawline and sewing them up towards the temple. It will give an instant lift to your facial muscles, and one can observe the clear difference. The threads used in the process are made up of the same material as that of surgical sutures, so they dissolve within 6 months and stimulate the production of collagen that rejuvenates your skin and removes the droopiness and sagging.

Points to ponder:

       The process takes 1-2 hours for completion and in this, patients are on anesthetics. If not, then a numbing material is used on the skin to avoid pain. Aftercare is extremely important. Painkillers and ice therapy are effective to reduce pain and redness after the surgery. Once, all the aftereffects are gone, its time enjoy the new you!



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