makeup revolution


Want to get over your brow routine?? Then definitely this technique is going to work for you. Eyebrows are the important component of your features that has the potential to completely over power how you look. Mere a shape or shade can change your entire outlook. Where on the one hand, a darker tone can make you look younger, on contrary lighter tone or the natural graying of the eyebrow can make you look ten times older as you are. So it is quite important to take care of the shade and shape of your brow to get a look that best suits your personality and makes you look younger and fresh.

             In this fast paced world, one doesn’t get enough time from their monotonous routine so that she may go to the salon and get their brows done. It may act as another core in the list which makes the routine even more hectic and frustrating. Everyone needs short and handy techniques to restore a fresh and vibrant look without going to the salons. Catchy makeup tutorials and emerging makeup techniques have made this possible for the working women to get a new look every day when getting ready for the workplace. Now you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to set a perfect shape for the eyebrow with the spoolie and eye shadow. Micro-blading is there at your service ma’am.

              It is one of the emerging techniques with which one can get a definite and ravishing eyebrow that not only suits the personality but one can carry them with any of the modern looks. You just have to visit your nearest salon undergoing this technique and leave the rest to the expert. He/she will use a handheld device with which they draw hair like strokes with the color that you want for your brow and you are done getting the desired shade and shape. It is like a semi-permanent tattoo that needs to be touched up after 12-18 weeks. Till then, one is free from the daily or weekly touch ups, just enjoy your looks and all thanks to this amazing technique.

              As a pole, justifying the trend of micro-blading, there are multiple reasons for an answer to the frequently asked question; why micro-blading? Counting those reasons for giving a satisfactory answer, first one of them is, it saves time. As a working woman, you don’t have enough time for the daily touch ups, so micro-blading being a semi-permanent tattooing technique helps you to get over from the regular touch ups without creating any mess on your makeup counter. As a semi-permanent tattoo, it lasts long without showing any sign of fading or break outs. The color used in this technique helps you to get free from the tension of early aging or light brows that are constantly depriving your confidence regarding your looks.

                     It acts as a pocket-friendly option due to its long lasting effects and delayed touch ups. You have to get back to the salon after 12-18 weeks or even more depending upon your skin type and effectiveness of the technique. As a makeup hack, this is the most valuable technique that is worth your interest and investment. Once invested in this technique, this is going to serve you for a long time, till then enjoy your dazzling looks.

Getting on the nerves as a hot trend, the microblading is setting goals for people when it comes to definite and ravishing eyebrows. While counting the plus points of this hot trend, we came across a point that this technique is not only meant for the younger generation or the fashion freaks rather this is quite helpful for, the elder ones who are investing in brow tints to get more youthful and fresh outlook. People in their early and late 40’s are getting on the idea of using this procedure to get rid of the graying of eyebrows that nullify the charm of their personality. Next point on the go is this trendsetter technique is getting equal attention among both genders. Even men are pursuing this technique to get some bold looks that will add value to their overall personality. Both genders are following this trend with an ultimate urge for freshening up their looks and to add confidence in their personality. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the sneak peak of this ever ravishing and most followed technique.

Not just the makeup trend, but microblading is helpful for those who are facing a constant problem of shallow brows, i.e., lesser hair growth in the brow line. It is an irritating problem as shallow brows cannot be managed to get a definite brow line. But now you need not worry. Microblading will help you out in this regard. It will help you to get a fuller brow that will add the lacking confidence in your personality and helps you to carry yourself with oomph. The extent of this trend can be calculated by the fact that a number of celebrities are getting these 3D brows and getting an almost permanent solution for their eyebrow struggles. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Victoria Beckham, Meagan Good, Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, Jessica Alba, and Rihanna have got a microbladed brow for dazzling their looks and to add a ravishing charm in their personality.

       Hence, micro blading is getting the lime light with each passing day, and new comers are making it as a business venture that will not fade out with time. As a trendsetter, the technique is on its way to get the sneak peak, and in upcoming years it would take over the other makeup technique sharing the same spot light.


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