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Excited about the news of microblading is getting on as a trend?? You must be excited! After all, you are going to get a once for all solution for your daily or weekly struggles with your brow shape and shade. Pondering upon the idea of getting the micro-bladed brow?? Go on it is something that falls in the circumferences of our interest. It will help you to get rid off from the daily makeover struggles in which you constantly try to restore a perfect brow line to get a bold and confident look that further dazzle your personality. Once you have decided to go for microblading, then you have to consider some strict before care protocols that if accomplished with acute care will help you to get some fantastic and satisfactory results according to your desire. Imagine you are going to make a painting on the canvas, for this, you definitely have to do some preparations. First of all, you need a perfect canvas. Well, microblading share the same spot light in this regard. You need a perfect skin ready for the microblading. Your eyebrow area should be healthy enough with supple skin so it may respond with desired results.

                  Do consider small things as they can interact with the procedure and any mistake will ruin your desire of getting an embroidered brow. Your skin and brow need some time to get ready for the process. Once your skin and brow are strong and non-allergic, you are ready for the procedure. To get a skin ready for microblading, here are some of the care protocols which if followed strictly can lead you to your desired results.

1.    Stay away from botox. Do not have Botox at least three weeks before when you have decided to get your eyebrows done with microblading.

2.    Avoid sun tans as much as possible. Tanning otherwise may interfere with the regular procedure.

3.    Do not tweeze, pluck or wax your brows at least for a week before getting on to this technique. Open follicles of hair will bleed otherwise.

4.    Say no to electrolytic hair removal sessions.

5.    Use of vitamin A or retinol can alter the results so quit using them for a month before you are going to get a microblade brow.

6.    Stop your workout on the day you are heading to the salon for getting a 3D eyebrow. Sweating causes allergic responses or even may result in infections.

7.    Do not use any natural blood thinner. It will make your blood thin that may cause a problem during the procedure. Any cut may lead to constant bleeding which can be severe sometimes.

8.    Avoid the intake of alcohol or beverages like coffee and tea. The antioxidants may result in allergic responses.

9.    Avoid using painkillers because they are also the blood thinners.

10.    Do not use any tint on the eyebrow three days before the procedure.

Once done with the procedure, now you would definitely need to follow some aftercare protocols to get the best of results.

So are you desperately waiting to check out the results of the procedure? Yes, you surely would! If you want to get the best of results that you desire for, then you have to take care about some of the important after care protocols which are equally important as the procedure. If any one of the protocol is mad handled or missed, then you may not get the desired results for which you have invested your time, money and concern. Microbalding helps you to get a natural looking bold and beautiful brow shape and shade. Now it is up to you that how you are going to care for your newly embroidered eyebrows so you can end up getting the satisfactory results worth of your time, money and dedication. Checking your concern this context here are some of the aftercare protocols of the procedure. Failure to follow these rules may result in infection, pigment loss or discoloration.

1.    Avoid using shampoo, soap, water lotions or moisturizers for 14 days after the procedure. Anything that may interact with your eyebrow can cause allergic responses, and this can ruin all of your efforts.

2.    Contact with water may cause the loss of pigment or interaction with the cuts made by the microblade may lead to infections.


•    After getting the microblade brows, use cotton with distilled water to wipe off the accumulated lymph to keep away the scab from the brow.

•    Do not rinse the skin with any soapy fluid; this may cause discoloration and infections.

•    Use the specialized after care cream. Apply it on the particular area with sanitized hands. Usage of the cream is mandatory after every hour for faster healing of the brows.


•    Once you are in day 2, restrict the usage of aftercare cream to two to three times a day.

•    Avoid itching. As the sensation of itching is a clear sign of healing process.

•    Do not suffocate your skin with moisturizers or even the aftercare cream, as the more your skin will breathe in the fresh air earlier it will heal.

•    Let your skin heal naturally, avoid medications or healing lotions.


•    Avoid touching the eyebrow again and again except when applying the aftercare cream.

•    Do not scratch, peel or pick the microblade area to prevent scarring and loss of pigment.

•    Limit your exposure in the sun to avoid tanning.

•    Quit the usage of alcohol as it may slow the healing process.

•    Avoid the long, hot baths.

•    Do not use any makeup product containing retinol or glycolic acid.

•    Avoid every type of exfoliations.

After day 17, you need a microblading touch-up. Now you are free to use your makeup products as the adequate time of healing is done and now you can enjoy your natural looking incredibly ravishing bold and beautiful eyebrows that will add loads of confidence in your looks and personality. Carry them with oomph because; you worth it.


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