This time designers have added more orientation to the dresses and dazzled the runway with the whimsical prints and patterns of stripes and lines. Summer 2019 is going to be rocked with the stripes and bold-lined patterns and op-art zigzags. To add more sensuality to the dazzling prints, the designers added elongated cuts and monochrome palettes to complete the streamlined sensibility. All this together makes an appropriate look to carry with elegance and gives you a natural oomph with which you can slay the whole surrounding.

           Summer 2019 welcomes the evergreen trend of lining and stripes. These prints are not kept traditional rather they are made to look a class apart. The patterns are spreading around the axis in verticals, horizontals, zigzags and what more. Mono-chromaticity chosen for the palette as a theme is a bit daunting because the top to toe striped dress in sparkly rainbow shades can make you look slightly awkward. But it’s time to break the boundaries and to make the awkward the new trend to carry. On a different note, the patterns in for this season will make you look skinnier and gives you a ravishing posture to carry with exceptional elegance.

         All types of stripe prints are launched for this season as the block buster’s, and many of them made their way to runways and red carpets. Flawless striped prints with ever lustrous colors together made a fantastic combo and gave you a class to carry. Taking the vertical stripes under consideration, the top to toe body cons and maxi dresses can make up to the level of elegance.  The design and attire combo are made for each other and will give you a personality to carry.

        The horizontal stripes or lined patterns are the next range of designs sharing the spot light with the vertical ones. It can give you a girth and makes your torso look fabulous. The tops and shirts embellished with this design to give a bold and strong look to your shoulders and the upper half of body. The striped shirts can be carried with your classy jeans or ripped bottom. To add funk and oomph to the look, you can pick up a striped bottom to pair with you lined shirt and restore a perfect fun look. Your cross body bags and ear cuffs will add more charm to the attire.

      When it comes to the zigzags, it is one of the demanded patterns in the racks and attracts everyone by their whimsical patterns and colors. The pattern can dazzle the look of a body con or the summer jackets that are trending this season. The zigzags when accompanied with the chic skater skirts or jumpsuits, will give you some mesmerizing attire goals to look for in summer 2019. Hence, this summer trend is ready to hit the racks if the fashion house and stores with ultimate class and funk. What an amazing combo!!! The haute couture of lined and striped trend is ready to slay the summer 2019.




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